Swim for the Potomac is dedicated to bringing awareness to Washington DC's   
grandest natural resource,
the Potomac River. Not only is the river home to a
growing number of swimming paddling and rowing competitions, recreation,  
tourism, but it also supplies the drinking water to most of the metropolitan area. It
ultimately lies with each of us to protect the health of the river.

A swimming sleeping giant, the Nation's Capital is one of the world’s leading swimming
communities.  With open water swimming the wave of the future, DC is  now host to the
first swim series of its kind, offering a choice of multiple open water  swimming events.  A
new wave of swimming options greet you in the scenic Potomac River.  Join us in the
Potomac  to challenge yourself, invigorate your dedication to swimming, and unlock
your undiscovered potential.
Swim events are open to all ages and swimming abilities. Athletes from the DC
metro area as well as from across the country will gather to p
ractice the intricacies of
open water swimming
and compete. The courses are designed to provide safe and
challenging events for both pool swimmers and open water swimmers. In addition,
these swims are a training opportunity for future race officials. Participants will be
seeded by time to make the swim as enjoyable as possible for all entrants. The swim
organizers use their experience from national level competitions to create a swimmer,
family and spectator friendly festival atmosphere. They pride themselves in creating
events enjoyable to all, including experienced and novice open water swimmers.
Please support our partners, sponsors and beneficiaries
Event Facts

Swim Date:
SUNDAY, September 14, 2014

Swim Distances:
500m Potomac Splash
3K - 5K - 10K  

Check in opens at 7:15 AM
Mandatory safety meeting at
10K Start 8:15 AM
5K Start 8:15 AM
500m Start 8:20AM
3K Start 8:25 AM

North Cove at National Harbor,
MD 20745

$50 3K, 5K, 10K
$20 500m
$10 additional for swim day
sign ups.
Over the years and especially this past summer, WaveOne Swimming has introduced
open water swimming in the Potomac River to thousands of athletes. We feel fortunate
our message is to appreciate and protect our open bodies of water from destructive
forces o
f abuse that render them "un-swimable". Please support the organizations that
we feel offer hands on, common sense approaches to keeping the Potomac River one of
nation's cleanest rivers and open to swimming.

Water Temp 72-78F

Weather Forecast:
Perfect day for a swim....
Sunday, September 14, 2014  
National Harbor, Maryland

Swim for the Potomac

Swim Distances:
500 meter Potomac Splash
3K - 5K  - 10K
2014 Swim for the Potomac
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